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Settlement Deed
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Settlement Deed

Why Are They Needed?
If you have negotiated settlement of a debt or dispute, you need legally drafted settlement terms.
If the settlement involves ongoing obligations, such as payment by instalments, terms are essential.
The Benefit
Legally drafted terms will ensure that there are no shades of grey, which can the lead to further dispute.
Our lawyer will ensure that if the signed terms are breached, you can immediately sue for the amount owing and, if no Defence is lodged, obtain a Default Judgment.
The terms will normally provide for penalties to apply, if there is a breach.
The Fixed Price Cost?
$750.00 + gst
What is Included?
We will obtain detailed instructions, peruse documents and prepare a settlement deed, which we will send to you, with instructions about how to execute it.
To Proceed
Contact Mendelsons Lawyers on 1300 487 841 and you will be put through to a lawyer.
The fee doesn't include negotiation with your debtor. If you want us to deal directly with the debtor, an additional hourly rate will apply - which we will quote to you.

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