Instant Legal Demand Letter

No commission. No obligation.

Instant Legal Demand Letter
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Instant Legal Demand Letter

All you pay is the cost of the letter.
Discuss your debt collection problem with an experienced debt collection lawyer, who will provide advice and then prepare a legal demand letter and send it to your debtor and send you a copy.
This solution is ideal if you want to take a harder legal line with a particular debtor and believe that a legal letter is likely to work.
No need to send money. We will send you an invoice.
Benefits for your business
  • No hassles, no forms to fill in, no appointments necessary.
  • The name 'Mendelsons Lawyers' commands respect.
  • You can discuss details of your debt with a lawyer who has experience in debt collection.
  • No commission payable if the letter results in your debt being paid.
  • No obligation to continue using us. The choice is yours!

The cost of this solution is only $339.50 (incl. GST).
Mendelsons Lawyers
Instant Legal Demand Letters are offered in conjuction with Mendelsons Lawyers, our associated lawyers.

Pursuant to Rule 29 of the Professional Conduct and Practice Rules 2005 (Victoria) Mendelsons Lawyers discloses that its associated with and shares common ownership with Prushka.
To find out more call the Mendelsons Team on 1300 487 841.

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